One day Hobo and I went to the doggy park and her dad stopped by to say hi. He brought her some treats. We talked and talked and I said, that I did not believe that this was it. He told me that he didn’t want me to date anyone else, but he didn’t want to be with me. That one day he would regret this because he knew how perfect I was. I cried alot. He cried alot. Hobo went sniffing far away so that we could try to make some peace. I talked about how all of my dreams were coming true, showed off my DS cover! Told him that had gotten signed to my own clothing line! and none of it seemed to matter. I only wanted our family to be togther again…I had always said to her daddy that all I really wanted to be in life was adored. I felt like I had created this really special being, and that I just wanted to be with someone who woke up everyday and though “How did I get SO lucky that someone like Keltie wants to be with me!” That is all we really want isn’t it? It is certainly what we all deserve.
Keltie Colleen


Keltie, are you talking about a certain crack ho that we all know and love? Or are you just being random?